Los Straitjackets – “Defensores de Chido” is a music driven Action/Adventure Comedy concept; a return to the Golden Age of psychedelic TV; specifically for Generation Z kids and their Gen-X parents. The show will parody contemporary culture and celebrate DIY culture, creative independence, and honor the virtue of “respecting heritage” as a powerful force for Good.
The production will digitally marry live-action, animation, retro-graphics, stock film footage, and User Generated Content to create an interactive and immersive viewer experience.

The Story
Our heroes, Los Straitjackets, the guitar slinging Luchadors of Rock music span the globe in their flying Bachelor Pad/Recording Studio, the Retro Force-1. It is piloted by “G2” (Geek Girl): G2 is a mechanic, gadget guru, recording engineer, and all around bad-ass chick. Los Straitjackets are pursued by “The Black Hammer”,  a secret evil consortium of mean spirited Media Moguls that want to wipe out ‘DIY’ independence and enslave consumers in a hyper-reality of disposable ‘corporate’  entertainment. The Black Hammer is masterminded by the mysterious kingpin, “Maxwell Profit”. Profit’s minions of silly and sinister Bosses and cronies (patterned after Batman ’66 villains) enlist dim-witted henchmen (nicknamed “Selfies”) to do the dirty work. A prophetic tribunal of Luchador spiritual guardians called “Los Inmortales” reveal Los Straitjackets’ true destiny: the chosen ‘Defenders of Cool’ and grant the band the power to summon fighting Avatars to help battle the Black Hammer.